IREOS coordinates and manages the spinneret of the waste produced by the individual productive factories, mainly in the petrol and petrochemical sectors, providing experience and a specific professional skill to the Customer for the correct reutilisation and/or disposal of waste products in authorised plants with whom it usually reaches agreements. In this way it optimises the environmental impact and the cost the Customer will have to support.


A dedicated structure in IREOS deals with the complete organisation of the service:

by verifying the right attribution of the CER codes to the individual pieces of waste;

by evaluating the reliability of the characterisation chemical analysis whenever they are not accomplished directly by IREOS LABORATORI;


by selecting and proposing the plants to the Customer for the recovery and/or the disposal of the individual pieces of waste, after caring the audit in a preliminary way;

by manipulation, packaging and all waste loading services

whenever necessary or required by doing all the building-yard activities, even reclamation, as better specified in the notes related to the other IREOS activities.

by organising transport from the production places to the plants where waste are destined.


According to the entity, to the work complexity, to the products volume, and to the material which will be managed in the plants, IREOS can plan an own structure in loco for the direct management of all the operating phases.


As a result, all IREOS activities are directly coordinated by the Genoa site as far as both the detailed and characteristic management is concerned -such as the loading of the single product and/or piece of waste - and all the waste park of the single factory; this providing an interaction with all the staff firmly structured in the very site.

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