IREOS's technicians developed and industrialised innovative processes for the waste treatment and the recovery of products that are interesting on an industrial point of view.


The above mentioned abilities are very important in the evaluation of problems connected to the reclamation and scrapping of dismissing or already dismissed plants to proceed with their scrapping or taking apart in total safety.


IREOS is professionally interested in the real kind of risk connected to particular substances, managing the products on the field and the reclamation of plants, even employing teams working under the supervision of a doctor graduate in chemistry.

Even during some reclamation interventions IREOS dealt with the conditioning of huge amount of liquid or solid waste material to allow its disposal and/or to optimise its cost.


IREOS planned and built a multi-shaped mobile plants, authorised by the article 28 of the D.Lgs 22/97, for the emptying and the reclamation of old cylinders in total safety, even when they are in a critical saving condition and the tap's manual opening is not possible any more, or when their contents are unknown. By using such a plant and, by proposing, whenever necessary, a reclamation and security plan in a preliminary way, to the Institutes it is possible to solve the problem of the apparently innocuous "bombs" constituted by the gas tanks which are often left apart and/or forgotten in the plants and in the scientific laboratories.


Moreover IREOS realised a modular and integrating system for the toxic gas treatment, which, in a particularly complex and delicate building yard, because of the different environmental and safety problems (prepared for an emergency state and managed as usual by IREOS 24 hours a day for 30 days, in agreement with the related Institutions) has allowed as instance to condition the management of over 5.500 kg of tri-phosgene; that degrading material caused the lethal gas known as phosgene.


IREOS has a lot of experience in the management of plants for water treatment such as chemical-physic plants and biological ones. At the moment, among the others, it manages and implement the process of the only plant present in Genoa Port in Mediterranean Sea for the water treatment deriving from the upkeeping of ships.


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