IREOS is busy in the reclamation of industrial active or dismissed areas to allow both their utilisation and reutilisation for other purposes, even the environment restoration, according to the law.

IREOS, by its own means and inner organisation, can accomplish the activities related to a place reclamation:

predisposing all the necessary papers such as operative safety plans, etc;

preparing the building-yard industry and the plant-engineering of building-yards established by the project;

making all the building-yard activities included the digging by own means of the contaminated material and lands, according to the procedure agreed in the projects and in the operative security plans;

making the characterisation analysis of the material which was left after the reclamation;

whenever any inconvenient may occur, the agency can solve them with competence and experience, minimising the environmental, formal and economic impact for the Customer;

preparing plants on places for the definitive storage and/or the treatment of the contaminated land and stratum.

organising ex-sito the recovery and/or disposal of the material and waste derived from the reclamation


IREOS dealt with the reclamation of whole industrial areas (in one case with digging activities and the waste removing up to a 70 hectare surface), according to the different reclamation projects, with a over 1000 cubic meters daily production in managing and digging part of lands, in the following way:

realisation of heaps on expressly predisposed areas for analysis in order to decide their correct management related to their chemical characteristics;

"in-place" treatment with delicate plants;

dangerous and non dangerous waste disposal, in exterior plants with peaks over 50 articulated lorries par day for more than a week;

definitive storage in a factory dump realised by IREOS.

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