The System Policy of IREOS for Security is inspired from the rules announced in the Quality policy and based on the respect of the in-force law in terms of health and security of workers, their safety, training and information, respect and care of the environment.


The society activates an office to solve the problems concerning Security, which is managed by a highly qualified and ten-year experienced staff.


Moreover, this office is engaged in keeping active the information and training system for workers by organising internal training made by staff inabled even to external training.


With a periodically updated evaluation of the risk, IREOS continuously monitors, the specific risks, as certificated.


Among the priorities in terms of security, IREOS has pointed out the destroying of the risk and, when not possible, the use of personal excellent-quality protection devices for all the employees working in touch with toxical substances.

The society has named an experienced doctor who periodically checks the workers' health; if some possible "non-idoneity" signals are remarked, the society would be forced to temporaneously change the worker's ordinary task (in the worst case, he could be temporarily excluded from working).


The society has a building-yard organisation able to guarantee the improving of the building-yard activity and the reduction of possible accidents by staff-training and by following the procedure related to the same activity.



IREOS manages the security problems according to the law in force (: DPR 547/55, DPR 303/56, Decree. 277/91, Decree 475/92, Law 46/90, Decree 626/94, Decree. 494/96, Decree 493/96, Ministry Decree10/03/98, Law 25/02, Ministry Decree 388/03).

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