The activities accomplished by IREOS and by the other controlled and connected societies, are the ones normally included in the definition on environmental services. In fact IREOS, starting with the studying of different problems related to some possible environmental inactivity of a place, can make the characterisation of the same place, study and plan the reclamation project, that means "turnkey" working.

Further on, IREOS can also interfere during the elaboration or in a reclamation started by other subjects, if necessary correcting any detaching from the technical, security and legal parameters.


Moreover, IREOS is obviously organised to do all the individual sector activities:


- sampling and analysis;

- waste loading, transport, recovery and/or disposal;

- planning of processes and plants for the waste treatment and their management;

- consulting about the environment.


Every activity accomplished by IREOS is based on the "making system" idea: it is perfectly involved in the context of the Customer's needs.; each phase is independent from the others, and it is developed by specialists able to deal with that specific process, but meanwhile organised and connected both to the previous and subsequent phases.


A professional management, a similarly important competence, is necessary to evaluate, foresee and measure every risk, and is based on the methods prescribed by the risk management and derived from the case analysis.

We set and coordinnated our activities on these principles.

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